Is your child struggling to make it to the next level in their sport?

Are you looking for ways to develop self-confidence, discipline and leadership skills? Are they adequately prepared to for the demands of club or high school sports?

Coaches today are looking for partners that can properly add strength and conditioning to their athletes outside of their sport specific sessions. CrossFit Carbon’s Next Level Athletic Training program is designed for children ages 12-15 that are looking to prepare and propel themselves to the next level in their sport. Our program provides a framework for kids to learn the fundamentals of fitness and general training with weights and body weight movement. Our core focus is general physical preparation but it is wrapped with concepts of leadership, team work, and self discipline. 

Our Mission:

Our program will develop the athlete by beginning with baseline assessments, progressively introducing strength and conditioning concepts, and ending with final assessments to measure improvement. Your athlete will finish the program with a better understanding of fitness, team work, and leadership.

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