Reebok Recognized


CrossFit Carbon is one of a select few Reebok Recognized CrossFit gyms in the midwest!

What does this mean?

CrossFit Carbon has been hand selected by the biggest commercial partner of CrossFit as an affiliate that demonstrates excellence and dedication to CrossFit. Reebok has highlighted CrossFit Carbon as a CrossFit gym where the standards and programming are set high, coaching is second to none, and athletes get a true CrossFit experience. There are only 150 Reebok Recognized affiliates in the U.S. today.

What does this mean for me?

Simply put, this means that you are now an athlete who is trained by Reebokā„¢ recognized coaches in a facility, which has been picked out for its excellence! This also means CrossFit Carbon will have exclusive benefits for its athletes and access to Reebok resources for training and events.