Testimonials – Carbon Success Stories


“The Carbon Owner’s, Pete and Ivy, are the most welcoming people I have yet to meet. Every accomplishment you achieve, will mean the world to them, and they’ll always make you feel like a Fire Breather. They are well educated on the Sport of CrossFit, and with the help of their other Coaches, they demonstrate that this CrossFit Box is truly in a class of its own. The elite athlete’s they Coach, always find a way to make anyone/everyone feel at home. I constantly feel like I have a lot of support, while simultaneously getting the best workout of my life, every time I partake in a WOD at CrossFit Carbon. I have been an athlete my whole life…even playing D-1 Water Polo in college, and I was doing CrossFit at various other boxes for 6 months, but never really honed in my skills, or developed as quickly as I have these past 6-7 months at CrossFit Carbon. If you’re looking for a little switch up in your fitness routine, if you’re looking to change it all together, if you need help getting stronger/faster at your sport of choosing, if you need help getting motivated, or you need to shed some weight…I HIGHLY recommend you stop by CrossFit Carbon. The constantly varied, functional workout’s and cutting edge nutritional advice, will keep your body working hard, and melt that fat right away. And, bottom line….IT IS FUN!!! CrossFit Carbon will clearly give anyone-willing to take the first step-a competitive edge. Do yourself a favor, and check it out!!”

“CrossFit has completely changed my life and I will tell you why.  I am in tears as I am writing this and thus I would never be able to say this in words to either of you.  I have worked out at other places over the years and I have been able to keep in shape to a degree and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  However, after coming to CrossFit Carbon, I embarked on a whole new challenge that I was never thought I could do.

Pete, you know this for sure… I hated running when I started CrossFit, and you saw that I could barely run 200 meters without stopping for a break.  It has been a year since I have joined Carbon and as of yesterday, June 10, 2012 I successfully completed my very first 5K in my LIFE.  I was the kids in high school that ran the 25 minute mile (poor shape and poorly controlled asthma at the time).  My husband who you know is a big talker (hehehe) kept my pace and motivated me during the entire run yesterday, when I was about a 200 yards to the finish line, tears started trickling down my face and he said to me ” you can do it, you are a CrossFit girl, keep going, you have this one”  (YES PETE, SAN ACTUALLY SAID THAT). After crossing the finish line I felt good and did not as I would have a year a go crash to the floor and lay down, instead, I kept walking.  I cried so hard and just could not believe that me (Mala) f– finished a 5 K (6 minutes faster than when I was practicing last week)

I know this might sound simple as you both are phenomenal athletes.  But I am writing this to because it was not just doing CrossFit that got me here it was Pete, Ivy and Jay’s inspiration that made this day possible.   All of you pushed me to my limit and ALWAYS said I could do it.

In the words of Ivy… I am working on doing HSPU (hand stand push-ups) this summer (the old Mala would have said, ” I can’t do that!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I really want to thank you guys.”



“It’s been almost a year since I joined CrossFit Carbon and it has been quite a ride!  Bill and I had always been active, but were looking for a new way to break out of the old routines. A friend told me about CrossFit, which neither of us had heard of, and within days we found that Carbon was conveniently located three miles from our home.  That was all it took.

To be honest, I was terrified at first, to the point where I would not attend a class unless Bill was going to be there too.  I’d never done Olympic lifting before and was pretty intimidated, but with Pete and Ivy’s careful instruction I quickly became comfortable with all the movements (except for the snatch which still seems to elude me!)

CrossFit is designed for people of all ages and athletic ability, and our coaches are mindful of each individual’s limitations, especially those that are suffering from recent or chronic injury so that they are still able to reap the benefits of a challenging workout in some capacity.  Pete and Ivy are very encouraging, they know when to push us and when to scale us back to help avoid injury.  Additionally, they consistently offer instructional workshops to help us improve as well as plan and/or host memorial and benefit WODs.

CrossFit has also helped me in other aspects of my life.  I’ve become a renewed force on the tennis courts as my agility and power have improved exponentially! I’ve also become more conscious about nutrition, getting proper sleep, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.

Finally, and most importantly, the sense of community at Carbon is unparalleled.  I’ve met so many awesome people at Carbon and developed many wonderful friendships. Never in my life would I have thought that I would enjoy getting up at 5am to work out, but I DO and it’s because of all the awesome people that I know will be there (some barely awake like me) ready to push and cheer me on.  It really has been a blessing!”

“I hope everyone can feel this good , ten months and 230 wods (work out of the day) later I`m healthy , happy and hungry for more.  I feel like I can do anything and I want to do everything. Carbon is the most inclusive fitness facility ever . The value can be measured in so many ways, but the most important way is how you feel. I feel Greattttttttt!”



“I was a skeptic. As an endurance triathlete/ cardio junkie, I couldn’t fathom how a workout that on some days only takes a matter of minutes, could transform me physically and change my viewpoint on fitness! Let’s just say I ate a big slice of humble pie! I can’t believe the changes I see in my body and the goals I continue to reach on a regular basis since I started at Crossfit Carbon 6 months ago!

I knew Crossfit Carbon was a fit for me immediately. The camaraderie I feel at Crossfit Carbon has been amazing from day one. I love that I can be “competitive” with someone during a workout yet we are rooting each other on at the same time! I have made some great friends through Carbon and there truly is a “family” feel here. The facility is clean and the equipment top notch. But, it’s the coaching…Pete & Ivy put a lot of theory into each and every one of the workouts. They have established and stick to a specified plan rather than random workouts. I have never felt such individualized attention from a group of coaches before Crossfit Carbon! Pete, Ivy, Stephanie, & Jay know my strengths and weaknesses (usually better than I do) and they always know when I need that extra push to reach a goal or when I may need to scale back to avoid injury. It’s that kind of knowledge and trust that puts Carbon on a different level!”
~Anne K.

“After recovering from 2 hip surgeries I had to have to fix collegiate sports injuries, I have been a bit hesitant to push myself in any type of athletic endeavor.  That’s all changed since I joined CrossFit Carbon in September!  Now I look forward to my workout everyday!  The WODs are super challenging, but I love every single minute of getting my butt kicked!  Pete, Ivy, Steph, and Ed provide a lot of encouragement, make sure my technique is sound, and answer any questions I may have.  And the people I work out with at Carbon are so supportive and motivate me to keep improving!  CrossFit Carbon is the best!”



“My journey to CrossFit started long before I ever even knew what CrossFit was.  It began with even bigger challenges I needed to overcome inside myself before I could even dream of CrossFitting.  I wasn’t always the health and fitness enthusiast I am today.  When I graduated high school in 2004 I weighed in at 5’9″ 265 pounds.  I was always a big kid growing up and was never into working out or exercising…at all.  I don’t know exactly what sparked my desire and need to change but I set about doing it (In all honestly it was probably the whole never having a girlfriend thing).  So in the winter of 2006 I started riding the stationary bike in my basement every single day for at least 45 minutes.  I began taking muscle building and fat loss supplements and enrolled at a local gym somehow 8 months later I was eighty pounds lighter.  I suddenly loved going to the gym, it was my escape.  So after a few years of mainstreaming at my local XSport I began realizing that it wasn’t doing anything anymore.  The same regiment every single day of doing 3 sets of 10 reps, arms one day, legs another, back and chest another etc. wasn’t giving me the gains I used to get and still desired. I first heard about CrossFit in an article in Men’s Health or Muscle & Fitness (I don’t remember which one).  The article was about the film “300” and how all the actors used this program called CrossFit to sculpt the bodies they had for that film.  The specific workout outlined was called the “300 Workout.”

I still have never tried this workout because it looked insane when I first read about it.  But I tried doing various workouts in my garage from time to time with what I had and I enjoyed them.  I didn’t get serious about CrossFit until the Spring of 2011 when I really started getting out of shape again and I knew I had to do something.  So I checked out that CrossFit stuff I had read about and found out there was a local box that had opened up not four miles from my house.  And I went there and it was small and the crowd was generally older and it just wasn’t what I expected.  I think what bothered me the most about the first box I went into was I was the youngest there, not anyone I could really match up to in terms of fitness or I could compete against.  Plus a lot of members there lied about their scores during WODs which didn’t sit well with me.  So I stopped attending that box and instead found CrossFit Carbon.

This is where I stop spilling my life story and keep it short and sweet.  I don’t want to WOD anywhere else but CrossFit Carbon.  Pete, Ivy, and Steph are the best coaches around, they are incredibly knowledgeable and they are easy to approach.  I have never felt such a sense of community at a gym.  Every member there I consider a friend. And the results that CrossFit Carbon has given me in the short six months that I have been attending are astounding.  Bottom line is as I sit and type this I now weight 175 pounds, I am stronger than I ever have been in my entire life and I owe it all to the people, my friends, at CrossFit Carbon.”
~Brian M

“Work and family keeps me busy and I was looking for a good way to stay healthy that would fit with my busy schedule. A friend referred me to CrossFit Carbon and I haven’t looked back since. I’m in the best shape of my life, my clothes don’t fit me anymore (losing weight) and I’ve lowered my PB 5k time by 2 and half minutes. The people at CrossFit Carbon are very supportive and friendly. No attitudes.”
~Dave T.



“I’d been working out at other places for decades but was getting bored and felt I wasn’t really improving. With CrossFit, you never know what workout you’ll do each day.  I have learned how I can improve with heavier weights, new skills, etc.  It’s all measurable and based partially on your own goals.  The coaches are excellent.  They have a personal interest in you and take the time to teach proper techniques. I probably didn’t do a squat correctly until I joined.  Another great reality is CrossFit Carbon members are so supportive of one another.  It’s a nice sense of community.”
~Anne O.