Visiting CrossFit Carbon



Visiting CrossFitters are welcome to join any of our CrossFit classes. All we ask is that you shoot us a quick email ( letting us know what class time(s) you plan to attend so that we can notify the coaches to expect a visitor. Our daily drop in fee is $20 (cash or check only). If you plan on visiting a few classes the daily rate may reduce; please email for more details.

All visitors, please arrive an additional 5 minutes prior on your first visit to fill out a waiver, pet the dog, and get accustomed to our box. Please start your warm-up on your own, and await instruction from your Coach.

Affiliate Owners visit free.


Box-Pass-Badge-4CWe’ve have also partnered up with BoxPass. This is a monthly membership for members who travel a lot and like to drop in frequently to boxes that they travel too. BoxPass runs about $50 a month and allows you to drop in at no cost to their network of affiliates around the country. As you know, drop ins can cost $15-30 each so this should be a huge cost savings for those of you often on the road. They also offer an annual membership for $350. You can sign up by visiting – #TravelStrong