Conquering Your First Strict Pull-up

The pull-up requires a dedicated strength plan. Waiting for the word ‘pull-up’ to appear every once in a while on the whiteboard isn’t going to cut it. You need a dedicated plan that will simulate actual pull-ups and strengthen the muscles in that specific movement pattern. In my experience with clients and athletes, getting your first pull-up is as simple as periodizing four exercises and just requires hard work and patience.



Accountability is KEY. Most people know they have weaknesses but don’t know how to address the issue. The plan consists of key movements consisting of:

  1. The Dead Hang
  2. The Ring Row
  3. The Segmented & Eccentric Pull-up
  4. The Barbell Assisted Pull-up

The next thing is just taking the time to combine these movements; even during open gym or before you WOD. Helpful hints on movements and programming continuing reading Conquering Your First Strict Pull-up.



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