We all challenge ourselves at Carbon everyday, working to become better than yesterday with the work outs we do. Who’s ready to challenge yourself on another level? Who’s ready to challenge yourself with the food you eat?

For six weeks, you will challenge yourself to eat right and improve your results on a benchmark WOD completed at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.

To kick it all off, Pam King (wife of our own Dave King, and founder and executive chef at will offer an informational session on the practical aspects of adopting a paleo lifestyle.  If you have any specific questions that you would like Pam to address, feel free to enter them in the comments below.

Paleo Talk: Saturday, November 2nd at 10:15 am

  • The different approaches to adopting a paleo lifestyle
  • The importance of meal planning and preparation
  • How to determine the right portion size for your meals
  • How and where to shop for the best ingredients in our area and online
  • What foods to substitute for your favorite non-paleo foods
  • Tips for eating out at restaurants and parties
  • Quick and easy paleo meals and snacks


LBN Challenge Details

Dates: November 4th – December 15th

3 Diet frameworks (pick one):

1. Whole 30 (the strictest option)

2. Paleo

3. Give up one trigger food (make one diet change)

Track progress via a 3 part scorecard:

Part 1: Daily diet record keeping; on your honor, must produce at the end to win

Part 2: Before and after photos (front / side / back); on your honor must produce to win

Part 3: Pre and post WOD scores

Entry Fee: $20.00: winner takes all

Four judging criteria:

1. Before and after pics

2. Meal records

3. WOD performance

4. Overall participation, defined as # of Facebook posts, on dedicated Carbon Paleo Diet Challenge FB group.