CrossFit Carbon is hosting the CrossFit Striking Specialty Course . . .

Fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world. This is due, in part, to their striking training since punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy requires people to utilize their entire body from the ground up. As a consequence, striking is one of the most rudimentary and functional movements that involve the core.

Developed by Martial Arts Masters Hall-of-Fame inductee and SWAT team member, George Ryan, CrossFit Striking is designed to take both the skills and the benefits from a fighter’s striking training program and integrate them into CrossFit workouts. It is a program that is grounded in success since it has grown out of George’s system of striking and self-protection that he has been teaching to tactical operators and law enforcement personnel around the country for over twelve years.

After becoming CrossFit Level 1 and Kettlebell Level 1 Certified, George saw that adding striking techniques to CrossFit workouts is a natural fit – not only for tactical operators and law enforcement personnel training in CrossFit, but for all athletes as well. This is because striking workouts can provide all athletes with four major benefits:

  1. You can achieve a fighter’s fitness level
  2. You can increase your core strength, rotational speed and power
  3. You can develop a sport specific movement and
  4. You can learn a real self-protection skill-set.

These benefits can make striking a valuable addition to every person’s CrossFit program.

With this in mind, the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course is designed to give participants the essential skills that will allow them to instruct athletes in the basic striking concepts of mixed martial arts, boxing and self-protection. Participants will be taught how to incorporate striking drills into CrossFit workouts so that overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power can be increased. In addition, the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course will teach participants to:

  • Achieve a fighter’s fitness level
  • Add variety to CrossFit workouts
  • Be able to throw proper strikes and combinations, i.e. punch & kick
  • Understand the role of the kinetic chain and the posterior chain that support athletic performance and fighting
  • Increase the speed and power of strikes, regardless of experience
  • Be able to teach proper striking mechanics to clients
  • Safely run a training session involving striking skills and drills
  • Teach an essential self-protection skill-set to athletes
  • Effectively use shadow boxing, focus mitts and a heavy bag

Registration: CLICK HERE
Dates:  October 12th – 13th

For questions or more information please email Pete ([email protected]).