Pictures & Measurements:
9/20 – 3:30-4:30 pm
9/22 – 8:30-9:00 am
9/24 – 7:00-7:30 pm
9/25 – 5:00-5:30 am

*If you are unable to attend any of the above dates/time, you are responsible for your own pictures and measurements.

WOD Dates:
Friday, September 21st
Monday, September 24th
Wednesday, September 26th

**There are NO make-up dates. Please plan accordingly.


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This Challenge is designed to be a catalyst for Life Transformation where All Levels of CrossFitters can improve their lives and WIN! Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter who is looking to improve performance or a new CrossFitter looking for body transformation, the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge can help you Look Better, Feel Better, Improve your Performance, and Increase your Energy for everyday living!


  • Challenge starts September 17th, 2012.
  • Weeks 1 & 2 Competitors will complete 3 Benchmark WODs, start eating Paleo, take body measurements, upload before photo and make personal and fitness goals.
  • Weeks 3-7 Competitors Compete in 5 Weekly Skill WODs.
  • Weeks 8-9 Competitors will repeat the 3 Benchmark WODs, retake body measurements, upload after photo, upload video testimonials, and finish tracking goals.
  • Challenge Ends November 18th, 2012.


Dietary Compliance- If a competitor was to have perfect diet scores every week they would earn 360 points.

  • Each week your dietary score will start at 35 points. If you maintain a perfect week you will receive a bonus of 5 points. Every cheat will cost you 5 points. Yes, you can end up in the negative for the week, so no binging.
  • On your dashboard you will be responsible for entering your dietary compliance (0 or 1 cheat) for 6 time periods during each day. The time periods are Breakfast, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Evening. Therefore someone could have 6 total cheat in one day resulting in a loss of 30 points.
  • Cheats are defined by eating grains, starches, processed foods, sugar, artificial sugar, juice, soda, alcohol, dairy, or anything else you can’t pronounce.
  • Multiple cheats- The most you can lose during any one time period is one cheat, but you can be docked up to six cheats per day.

Life Transformation/ Improvements- A total of 300 points may be earned for improvements.

  • The total completion time for the Benchmark WOD (Benchmark Phase 2) scores at the end of the challenge will be compared to the total complete time for Benchmark Phase 1. From the difference you will have an Improvement time which will be compared to every member of the challenge (all divisions included). With ranking listed by improvement time, you will receive Performance Improvement points based on the percentile rank.


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