Over Thanksgiving the members of CrossFit Carbon came together to help one of our own!  Tricia reached out to us for help . . . we collected donations for tornado victims!  Thank you to all of the members who donated.  Also, a special thank you to Lululemon Deer Park for your donation of reusable bags.


Dear Pete, Ivy, and all the amazing members of Crossfit Carbon,

Thank you so much for your donations and support for the tornado victims in Central IL!!! Your generosity is truly inspiring!!!

I wanted to let you know that your donations are helping people across Central IL. To the best of my ability, I grouped like items together and dropped off your donations where they would help people as soon as possible! The tornado victims are very grateful!

In Washington, I brought your donations to the Tornado Relief Center set up in Washington/Sunnyland Plaza. The Center consists of 3 main store fronts housing donations where victims can pick up what they need from food/toiletries/diapers, clothing and linens, and other wares. The food section even had a pet supply area to help those with displaced pets 🙂 Your donations have made people so happy! Blankets, towels, sheets, warm clothes, coats, children’s clothing, diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, and personal items have all been swooped up! Some even as I was unloading the car! They also love the storage bins and reusable tote bags–makes it much easier for them to take things and keep them dry and contained as they move or go back to the hotel/relatives’ house they are staying at.

I also dropped off donations to those affected in Pekin. There the donations are sorted and set aside for specific families impacted by the tornado that hit Pekin. In addition, several families from Washington have also relocated to Pekin. Many of these families have small children so all the children’s clothing, toys, and items were very much needed. Again your donations were very much appreciated.

Another load of donations was dropped off to the official donation site being overseen by Catholic Charities as the Red Cross has shifted focus to distributing the monetary donations that have been received. They sort and distribute items to those affected in Central IL by the truckload!

I can’t thank you all enough!!! I’m so lucky and proud to be a part of a community like Carbon! Thank you for selflessly coming to the aid of those in need! I think you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of the tornado victims and have helped to make their holidays much brighter 🙂