CF compNow that the 2016 CrossFit Games are officially over you may have noticed that more local competitions have begun to arise.  Part of this is because it’s the “down-time” of the crossfit season and it’s time to re-fresh, re-focus, strengthen, practice, and gear up to compete before the 2017 CrossFit Open. There are a ton of competitions in our area and we thought it’d be a good idea to put the competitions we’re aware of in one spot for your reference. We don’t necessarily know the specifics about each competition and haven’t attended all of them in the past, but we provided the links for you to research the ones that you’re interested in. If you’ve never done a competition before this is a great place to start. All the competitions listed below are local (in the Illinois area) and are not big stadium events.


That being said, here are a few tips before you sign up: Be sure to take your time to look through each of the competition standards and divisions. Not every competition is the same, in fact, they can (and are) all run and programmed very differently! If you have further questions about the competition don’t hesitate to email the owner’s or the box to clarify your questions. It’s important you find out as much information as possible about these events before paying so you know what you’re signing up for.  Also, you may not be able to get a refund if you decide to cancel, so you want to make 100% sure you’re committed. Lastly, feel free to ask your fellow crossfitters about competitions and see what competitions they may be interested in, if they want to be partners, and/or if they have any tips/advice. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience in our box, be sure to tap into it and utilize your resources!

Here you go and happy competing!!! These are not listed in any particular order.

One main site you can look at is and . Also, nowadays many boxes use Facebook to promote their competitions and events, so keep an eye out on on facebook and you can also lookCF comp1 here.

2016 Crossfit Amplify Open

Date: 8/20/16 (RX and RX+ Individuals) 8/21/16 (Scaled Individuals)

Location: Crossfit Amplify, Lisle, IL

Pricing: Scaled $60, RX $80, RX+ $100


Crossfit Huntely Fall Brawl

Date: 9/10/16

Location: Crossfit Huntely, Huntely, IL

Pricing: $130 per team when registered prior to August 5th

$140 per team after August 5th

$120 per team if your box has more than 3 teams competing

Registration and standards:

Fitober Fest

Dates: 9/17/16 AND 9/18/16 (2 day competition for individual and teams)

Location: Crossfit Freedom, Libertyville, IL

Pricing: Division/Price/Price Increase: RX Men/$75/$100, RX Women/$75/$100, Scaled Men/$65/$85, Scaled Women/$65/$85, Masters Men/$65/$85, Masters Women/$65/$85, Team MM/$150/$200, Team WW/$150/$200


3rd Annual Best of the Rest Competition

Dates: 9/17/16 Individuals and 9/18/16 Teamscrossfit-competition

Location: Crossfit Roselle

Pricing:  Now through September 4th Individual $85, Team $240


2016 Graveyard Games

Date: 10/22/16

Location: Crossfit Kenosha

Pricing: $150 (Scaled, RX, and Masters divisions)